Friday, July 11, 2008

Get Excited.

Today is July 11. July 11 is not just any day. Oh, no. Certainly not. July 11 is one of my favorite days. It's special. It's unique. It's sexy.


Go hit up a 7-Eleven (or two, or three...) and get one. Now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Step Aside, Console Games!

Because I just found a new love. It's a beautiful little web game called Music Catch. Basically, a bunch of shapes float around, and your job is to catch them. Yellow shapes are good! Red shapes are bad! Purple shapes are awesome!
Despite the soothing piano music in the background, my boyfriend and I have turned this game into a fierce competition (he's currently winning...I'm not happy). My goal is to get 2,500,000 points. Soon. So he'll stop gloating. Asshole.

EDIT: I'm winning now with over 3 million points. Muahahaha!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Horrible Horrors

So, my friend Mike is hosting a movie night entitled Horrible Horrors, featuring Army of Darkness, Braindead, and Dead and Breakfast. I have yet to see Dead and Breakfast, but both Army of Darkness and Braindead are full of comedic horror movie goodness. Seriously, envision zombie deaths via chainsaws and lawn mowers - epic, right? I thought Shaun of the Dead was a funny movie, but it barely holds a blood-spattered candle to these films. The terrible acting, the fountains of fake blood, and the ghastly bad special effects are gloriously molded together to create sheer awesomeness. And at the end of it all, there is no doubt that Bruce Campbell could pwn you with that chainsaw.
This got me thinking that a comedy-horror video game would be beyond absolutely amazing. Interactively using your surroundings as weapons and shields, perhaps challenges involving killing zombies with certain household items, such as a...cattle prod. Ok, I don't have one of those in my house either, but you get my drift. Are there any comedy-horror games out there? I can't think of any off the top of my head. Will do some searching...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wii Would Like To Play...Better Games.

So, I bought my Wii (since dubbed Wiiner...I know, really mature) a while ago, and I was impressed with its abilities. I have only owned Nintendo consoles since the N64 (yes, I was a latecomer to the video game scene), and the latest generation was no exception. It was cute and Apple-esque with it's sleek, white design, and it's compact frame fit neatly next to the TV in my teeny dorm room. And for a time, we were in love.
While I still have fond feelings for my Wii, I have lately become a bit disillusioned. The Wii has so much potential to be insanely fun, and it's falling short. While there are some pretty awesome games for the Wii (Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess), I feel as though they are few and far between, and not exactly being the most patient person, I am getting frustrated with the lack of selection. It seems as though most of the Wii games cater to the kiddie crowd, and the older "gamers" are getting left in the dust. I understand that a lot of the Wii's success comes from its appeal to everyone rather than the stereotypical gamer, but I want to see some more hardcore games. Or at least a decent RPG.
What really did it in for me, though, was seeing Assassin's Creed for Nintendo DS. Seriously, WTF. You put a game like that on the DS and not the Wii? What on earth is wrong with these people?